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Rental condition & FAQ

March 2, 2011

General conditions for renting a car

Our employees will be glad to help you clear any possible perplexities concerning these conditions.

General information

Minimal period of using the services is 24 hours. Being late up to 1 hour from the time arranged is tolerated, and other delays are charged with the full amount for one day’s rental. Vehicles can be driven on the territory of Serbia and Montenegro and for leaving the country a special permit from an authorized person from Avaco Rent-A-Car is needed.

The driver should satisfy the following conditions:

- At least one year experience of driving in B category
- When collecting the car the buyer should have a valid driving licence and an identity card (or a passport)


Rental price includes the Insurance from responsibility for the damage towards third persons up to the amount determined in the necessary insurance policy.
The buyer must report any case of damage or theft during the rent to the police, otherwise he will pay full amount of the damage/value of the vehicle, even if he had bought the Insurance from damage or the Insurance from theft.
If the vehicle has been stolen the buyer must return the keys and complete documentation of the vehicle. Petrol, parking, tire damages and other traffic expenses are all covered by the buyer.

Deposit and paying

Payment is done in advance, in cash for regular citizens or by transfer for social body corporate. Deposit can be left by authorization of your paying card.


All costs of rent are given without tax for actual value, which is 18%.


Frequently asked questions

What type of car do I really need?

Think carefully about how much time you will spend in the vehicle and how much room do you need- for passengers and baggage. Our suggestion is to make a decision based on comfort, not just the price.

Can I collect the vehicle on and return it to the airport?

Yes. A vehicle you can pick up at our airport location at Belgrade airport.

What if I have to change the period or cancel my reservation?

You can change or cancel the arranged period as late as two days before the arranged date. You can change the period without any compensation.

What happens if keep the vehicle after the arranged period expires?

It is necessary for you to contact us a day before the arranged period for returning the car expires, so our office can check if you can continue with the rent, or you have to return the vehicle because it had been arranged for anew rent in the meantime.

What happens if I return the vehicle before the arranged date?

The agency will charge the full amount for the arranged number of days. There is no refund if the rent ends before the arranged date.

What is the price for renting a vehicle?

The price depends on the number of days and mileage you cover. To companies who often need car rentals, AVACO offers special scales which are created to satisfy that kind of needs. The price of the rent includes regular car service, replacement in case of breakdown or an accident, insurance for the third parties 18% tax for actual value. The cost of the rent does not include the cost of petrol.

How do you leave a commission?

Commission can be left in cash but, but the most suitable way is by authorization of a credit card. Authorization (freezing funds on the card) is quickly and easily done, and it is undone after the vehicle is returned.

How much in advance should I confirm my reservation?

It is in your interest to confirm the reservation in shortest period possible from the day we give you our offer, in order to be sure that the offer is still valid. Once you confirm the reservation you are guaranteed that the arranged vehicle will wait for you under the arranged terms.

How do I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation for a vehicle by e-mail: avacodoo@gmail.com or by phone, by calling Avaco Reservation Centre: +381 11 2433 797

Can I close a deal with Avaco for a permanent lease of a vehicle?

For companies AVACO provides a service of renting a vehicle for several months under special terms. For further information you can contact our Commercial office by e-mail: avacodoo@gmail.com or by phone:
+381 11 2433 797

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