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Read interesting articles about rent a car vehicles as well as helpful tips that we provide to make your ride in Belgrade and Serbia safer and more comfortable. Car Rentals can be a difficult task, but we make it easy for you with our blogs and tips to find a rent a car in Belgrade.

What do the warnings on the instrument panel mean?

Although each driver knows his instrument panel, what to do when it comes to car rentals? Various car models have various warnings that may not be so obvious at first glance. If it's a more serious problem, it's very possible that you endanger your o...

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The best rent a car SUVs

The best thing about rent a car agency is that you have the opportunity to choose the type of vehicle you want, so you can customize the vehicle to your needs. For example, if you want to arrive quickly at your destination in Belgrade, you simply cho...

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Ideal rent a car vehicle for vacation

An ideal rent a car vehicle for a holiday will make travel more pleasant and safer. It's been another year. We managed to overcome all business and private obligations eagerly waiting for the most beautiful part of the year. Finally, preparations for...

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Car rental 8 + 1

The season of vacation is in eyebrow. Although a trip to a foreign city or other city should be a pleasure, only its planning can be stressful. If you have planned where to spend this summer and set a budget, the question is how to travel. Air trans...

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Rent a car agency in Belgrade

Rent a car agency in Belgrade is the best option whenever you need a vehicle. Regardless of whether you are a tourist in the capital of Serbia or you may have resolved to explore the beauty of your country, rent a car agency in Belgrade is here to h...

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Rent a car Smart for Two

Rent a car Smart for Two is a mini compact double-seater. Avaco rent a car Belgrade gives you the opportunity to rent an economical car of great perfomances for the minimum money. This car...

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Rent a car for longer trips

Car rental for longer trips has many advantages. The holiday season is ahead of us. In addition to the destination decision, transportation should also be selected. "Do you keep your car from possible damage while driving?", "Will I save if I rent a ...

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Rent a car - the benefits of long-term rentals

Rent a car vehicle means renting a vehicle for a certain period of time. Car rental agencies provide services to people who are on a tourist or business trip in Belgrade, to those who do not have their car or to the owners of damaged vehicles waiting...

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Rent a car at Belgrade airport

Rent a car at the airport Belgrade is the best option for all the people who come to our country. Whether traveling for business or tourism, the fastest way to come is by plane. It provides the necessary comfort, however, after landing at the air...

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Borrowing a car can be very expensive

Rent a car vehicle is always the best option and why we will try to get closer to you in the following text. Can you lend me your car? The question with which every vehicle owner met at least once in a lifetime. Although it creates a dilemm...

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New fines for traffic violations in Serbia

New traffic fines were adopted on March 22, and entered into force already in early April.
In Europe, on average, 51 people per million inhabitants, while Serbia according to this statistics is above average with 84 deaths per million ...

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Rent a car - How to avoid hidden costs

Car rental agencies are companies that provide car rental services over a period of time, usually ranging from a few hours to several weeks.

Rent a car - How to avoid hid...

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Rent a car in Belgrade - An ideal option for family trips

Rent a car Belgrade is one of the most important things to consider when planning a family vacation, yet it is often one of the last things we are considering before going on a trip.

Rent a car in Belgrade - an ideal option for family t...

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Rent a car Belgrade - how to choose a vehicle

Rent a car Belgrade can provide you with freedom and flexibility on the road.
Traveling abroad or other city should be a pleasure. However, planning not only requires time, it can also cause unnecessary stress. After you've fixed the date, booke...

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Renting a vehicle - The benefits

Renting a vehicle - the benefits

Car rental in Belgrade allows you to take a look at the offer of its fleet in rent a car agency, and in the short period of time rent a car for a period that s...

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