What to do in the car when there is a big traffic jam at the border?

A large traffic jam at the border is a common occurrence during the summer months. The joy of a long-awaited vacation can spoil unplanned situations. And one of them is a  large traffic jam at the border. As in the previous years, this year's summer season has brought a longer-term retention at all border crossings. And in the opinion of many, a huge crowd at the border has become an inevitability to which we all need to prepare when we go on the road.

AMSS daily reports show that the intensity of the crossing increases. Especially for Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and Hungary. Avaco Rent A Car in Belgrade provides you with tips on how to take advantage of the time while waiting at the border.

 Large traffic jam at the border at the border - how to avoid it

Just as you have made a holiday plan, it is necessary to plan and depart. In this way, you will avoid longer holding at the border that takes away your precious vacation time. Statistics have shown that there are days on the week when there is a lot of traffic jam at the border. These experts recommend that, if possible, you are on a flying trip. Because, in order to take advantage of the weekend weekend offers, most people go on holiday right then. They are at toll ramps and borders and the biggest crowds. It's best to start at noon on Thursday morning. And when returning home it is necessary to follow the rules to avoid crossing the border on Sunday. Also, a large traffic jam at the border arises in certain hours during the day. At least you will wait if you cross the border in the early hours of the morning, before the customs officers and policemen are replaced. Today's modern technology of cameras at borders allows you to monitor the situation, or crowd on it during the trip. In that case, you can take advantage of some of the alternative routes and minor crossings where there is often no crowd.

A large traffic jam at the border creates nervousness not only in adults but also in children

No matter how patient you are, the big crowd at the border will cause anxiety at one point. Especially in families with young children. For hours of driving and sleeping have changed the hours of waiting. Males become impatient, hungry, thirsty, sleepy. And you're more and more upset. As a result, there can be discussion in the car without any cause. Therefore, if they travel with children, make sure to pack the toys, picture books or, let's leave the cartoon on the tablet to capture their attention. In this way, you will also have the necessary peace that you can use to charge the batteries to continue the journey. Keep in mind also a sufficient amount of food, snacks, water and juices in case you expect hours at the border. In this way, you will not violate the daily rhythm of children. She will eat you at the same time as at home.

A large traffic jam at the border - take some time for yourself

It may sound discouraging, but the large traffic jam at the border has a positive side. This is the perfect moment to arrange pictures in your phone, watch a movie you've long wanted but did not find time. Or you start reading a book that you have prepared for the beach. If you are traveling alone, take this time to invite friends you have not come to contact. Maybe you remember a dear person you have not heard for a long time. So there is an ideal opportunity to renew contact. We are sure that during a pleasant conversation you will be able to fly out. And you will not even notice the extent to which it was really a crowd at the border.

Experienced drivers who often travel on their own say that it is best to use the traffic jam for reflection. In other words, to review some of the decisions you have made and consider solutions to specific problems. And for the end, do not forget that music brings good mood. So, boost your favorite song and let your voice!