The best rent a car SUVs

The best thing about rent a car agency is that you have the opportunity to choose the type of vehicle you want, so you can customize the vehicle to your needs. For example, if you want to arrive quickly at your destination in Belgrade, you simply choose a small city car; If you want to make an impression on your business partners, you take an elegant limousine. However, if you need a strong, reliable and affordable rental car car - you choose a SUVs.

The best rent a car SUVs

Accordingly, what are the best rentals and car SUVs in Belgrade and where can you reserve them?

Traditional Lada Niva rent a car

Lada Niva is a legendary off-road vehicle that was released in 1977. An incredibly durable car has been on the market for over 40 years, which speaks enough of its quality. Lada Niva owes its endurance to the fact that it is practically made from one part and is therefore suitable for all terrain. No car rental offer can go without the Lada, which is still one of the most powerful SUVs. Take a look at the Avaco rental car rental Lada Niva.

Rent a car SUV - Hummer H3

hummer rental suv belgrade

If you need a vehicle that can overcome every obstacle and shadow people around you - Rent a car Hummer H3 is the right choice. This spacious and exclusive SUV does not leave anyone indifferent. The special four-wheel drive system is designed to offer a comfortable ride on the road and off-road. Although this is officially the smallest Hummer, the feeling is quite different when you get in. The Hummer H3 is one of the best car rentals you can reserve for a style of riding. See the Avaco car hire Hummer H3 SUV.

Jeep Commander - Good old design

For people who love the old good Cherokee look of the terrain, the Jeep Commander is the best option. Photos can not really convey the beauty of this SUV, because a large part of its charm is composed of power and size. The Mercedes V6 turbodiesel engine is the heart of this powerful vehicle designed to ruin wild roads. The interior of this jeep has elements of elegance, yet it tends to be an industrial look, so you can not forget for what purpose this vehicle was made. If you need old-school, a powerful and reliable rent a car Jeep - Jeep Commander 3.0 will delight you. See the Avaco offer of rent a car Jeep Commander SUV.

Dachia Duster - Modern and elegant

dacia duster 4x4 suv rental belgrade

People who love Dachia cars have long fallen in love with this characteristic elegant design so that the Dachia Duster fits perfectly into the idea. The interior of the car is modern but, most importantly, simple. In the spirit of real jeeps, Duster is focused on performance, not on unnecessary decorations. Modern, elegant, but above all a reliable vehicle with a long tradition - Dachia Duster is a great car rental SUV for you. See the Avaco offer of the rent a car Dachia Duster SUV.

Avaco rent a car SUVs

If you want to drive some of these car rentals and car rentals, you can find them at Avaco rent a car agency. All these cars go regularly to technical checks, so you know they will not let you down on the road. Visit our site and take a look at the whole range of SUVs available. Choose the one that's right for you. See the complete Avaco car rental offer.

Rent a SUV and visit Serbia

Is there a better way of getting to know a certain part of Serbia than a combination of nature and driving? Discover Serbia in an unconventional way. Get off the road, and travel in 4x4 SUVs. Explore the most interesting mountains near the city of Belgrade or all over Serbia.
Renting a jeep gives you the opportunity to see from another angle the beauty of some of the most beautiful landscapes that Serbia offers and get to know the culture of smaller villages and authentic villages that can be found throughout the country.
Rivers, lakes, pristine waterfalls and gorges, combined with many historical sites from the Paleolithic period until the Second World War, make a truly fulfilling tour that will leave no one indifferent.

By renting one of Avaco's rent-a-car jeeps, you're ready for a lightweight off-road and one exciting adventure. With a rent-a-car jeep you can also visit a few unrivaled terrain consisting of less used earth and macadam roads. Destinations that you should visit rent a car jeep are certainly: Zlatibor, Valjevske planine, Uvac, Djerdap, Stara planina, Kucevske planine, Zapadna Srbija, Kopaonik but also Delibatska pescara.