When renting a vehicle a person needs to have a valid driver’s license and ID card or passport.
General terms and conditions of rental 
Avaco d.o.o (hereinafter lessor) renter (hereinafter renter) of which the data on the front side of a lease contract vehicle, the vehicle under the following conditions: 

1. To personally sign The rental agreement and thereby consent to the terms of the contract:
that the price and other conditions of renting specified in the current price list is accepted as an integral part of this contract
that is 21 years of age and valid driving license for at least 2 years
to receive the vehicle in good condition with all necessary equipment and documents of the vehicle
that the rental vehicle is returned within the stipulated period or earlier at the request of the lessor
that the extension of the agreed period of use of the vehicle lessor asking for consent 48 hours before the expiry of returning the vehicle
to immediately stop driving if it is in use, and spoil the odometer malfunction counter fastest notifying the lessor
that if when returning the vehicle determines that the odometer damaged lessor pay the costs of 500 kilometers in everyday use of the vehicle
that the vehicle is properly maintained and kept in use,
that the rental vehicle is not used under the influence of alcohol or drugs for illegal purposes, driver training, for the transport of passengers or goods for a fee, transportation or towing other vehicles, trailers or parts thereof, to participate in motor sport events
that the vehicle is used only for their own needs and not to rent or borrow a third party
to drive the vehicle himself or a person authorized by the rental agreement provided that that person has at least 21/25 years of age, a valid driver’s license and enroll at another driver Treaty
that a car does not burden the people or objects beyond the permitted capacity
that the rental vehicle is not used abroad without the consent of the lessor
that without the consent of the lessor will not make any change of parts, assemblies and devices on the vehicle
to bear the costs of gasoline consumption

2. In the event that the Tenant does not comply with the conditions set out in Article 1 shall bind the lessor to compensate all and any damage that resulted from it, and which are determined by Lessor. 

3. Lessee to Lessor, with confirmation of paid reimburse oil and regular maintenance of the vehicle, based on an agreement with the lessor (excluding the cost of washing the vehicle during use). 

4. The Lessee is required to make a deposit when renting a car. Amount of deposit depends on the group of the rented vehicle and the duration of the rental period. Minimum amount of the deposit is 200,00 Euro in dinars. Total rental charges Tenant shall pay immediately take their car to rent. 

5. The Lessee shall pay all fines and traffic offenses which are due to improper use of the vehicle, including penalties for improper parking. 

6. The rental price includes insurance for damage to third parties in the height limits specified by law. 

7. Insurance for damage caused by vehicle
All vehicles have basic auto liability insurance and comprehensive insurance with 10% of the excess
Any damages of the rented vehicle, regardless of whether they were created in a traffic accident or outside the Lessee must report lessor and to fill in a special report on the accident in the office of the lessor to the accident and the damage report and the Police authorities immediately on the spot where the accident / damage occurred and to provide a police record.
If the traffic accident and the damage is not reported to the police, the Lessee shall pay the full amount of damage to the vehicle
Tenant is obliged to provide a written statement on the report about the accident
the insurance is the device that is not a factory-fitted (rubber, the lower subframe or a radio) 8. Insurance for theft
Theft or loss of the rented vehicle Lessee shall, without delay, to report the lessor and the local police in the town where the theft – the disappearance occurred and complete report on the theft / loss of the vehicle in the office of the lessor.
If the loss / theft of the vehicle are not reported to the police, the Lessee shall pay the full value of the vehicle
Tenant is obliged to provide a written statement on the report about the loss of vehicles
Valuation of stolen vehicles is according to the catalog Auto Moto Association of Serbia 9. The Lessee is responsible for any damage caused to the rented vehicle:
damage to the vehicle he or his authorized driver (second driver) made under the influence of drugs or alcohol
damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence in driving
damage if the driver at the time caused the damage did not have a valid driver’s license
theft if the vehicle at the time of the theft was not locked 10. Tenant agrees that in the event of an accident to protect the interests of the lessor and his insurance company as follows:
What will record the names and addresses of participants and witnesses of an accident
you will not leave the damaged vehicle until it