New fines for traffic violations in Serbia

New traffic fines were adopted on March 22, and entered into force already in early April.
In Europe, on average, 51 people per million inhabitants, while Serbia according to this statistics is above average with 84 deaths per million inhabitants per year.
Unfortunately, there are almost no days in the newspapers to notify the news about a traffic accident in our country. Bearing in mind that we are all traffic participants and that we can influence not only our own, but also the lives of other people, we need to pay special attention to the new fines in traffic.

Avaco Rent a car advises you that the child must always be in his seat

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In order to avoid any inconvenience while driving Avaco Rent a Car brings you the most important changes and amendments to the Law on Traffic Safety. New traffic fines protect the lives of our youngest. Regardless of whether you are driving a child in your own or rented vehicle, the use of a child seat is implied. In car rentals, they make part of the required accessories. According to the Law children under three years of age must be tied in the child seat, and after the third year they are accommodated in larger and adjusted seats. It should be noted that children's seats are placed exclusively in the rear of the car.
In order to raise awareness about the importance of using the seat for children while driving, new traffic fines also prescribe up to four times the amount that the dishonest parents will have to pay, ie 120,000 dinars, 14 penal points and driving ban for 8 months.

If you use your car or rent a car, it is mandatory for everyone in the car to be tied up!

New traffic penalties tighten the control of bindings on all seats and the use of mobile phones. The devastating statistics in Serbia say that 60 percent of dead drivers and passengers did not use the belt, and that the use of mobile phones during driving caused 25 percent of traffic accidents.
Therefore, we are not surprised that the amendments to the Law on Traffic Safety included this area, so instead of the former 5,000 dinars, drivers will have to pay 10,000 dinars for these new traffic fines.
Especially emphasized is the control of the rear seat linkage, because up to now only 10 percent of passengers have adhered to these measures, so they will be sanctioned by this way.
Drive according to regulations as this will keep your own but also the lives of other participants in the traffic
New traffic penalties prescribe a mandatory prison for violent driving. Violent driving makes speeding in a resort more than 90 km / h, beyond settlements of more than 100 km / h, driving a vehicle with more than two blood alcohol changes, as well as milder forms like two consecutive red light within 10 minutes and overtaking the column over the full line. Depending on the overrun, the penalty is imposed - starting from 3,000 dinars for exceeding 10 km / h to even 120,000 dinars for overruns to the border for violent driving. If a driver crosses this prescribed limit, he will not receive a fine, but automatically imprisonment of 30 to 60 days, 15 punitive points and will be revoked from 9 to 12 months.

No alcohol when you drive your or a rent a car vehicle

The alcohol-driving limit has been shifted. Although we are all aware that alcohol and driving do not go together, many drivers do not adhere to this. That is why new traffic penalties related to driving under the influence of alcohol have been brought. If you want to drink a drink with a company and you are out in the car, know that the limit of the allowed blood alcohol level has been shifted from 0.3 to 0.2 promises, as well as the highest fines. Namely, a cash part of 120,000 dinars will now be paid by drivers who find out over 1.2 alcoholic beverages in blood, while earlier that limit was 2 promises. The same amount applies to those who refuse to use alkogestration.

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Avaco Rent a Car advises all its customers that the safety of the traffic is respected by the new Amendments and Amendments to the Law, since no fine is large enough for lost human life.
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