Car rental 8 + 1

The season of vacation is in eyebrow. Although a trip to a foreign city or other city should be a pleasure, only its planning can be stressful. If you have planned where to spend this summer and set a budget, the question is how to travel. Air transport is fast, but it limits you to using taxis when traveling and spending your tickets. Traveling by bus does not provide the necessary comfort. That's why the best solution is to rent a car.

Car rental 8 + 1 offers numerous benefits

Today, in the world, and also with us, there is a large number of car rentals, which offer a variety of models. This makes it even more difficult for you to choose a suitable car. In order not to waste too much time in the search, Avaco rent a car draws attention to why 8 + 1 car hire is the best solution for many occasions.

Renting a vehicle 8 + 1 calls for a trip!

Avaco rent a car also has Renault Trafic in its rich fleet. Excellent performance and low consumption with maximum comfort, the key factors for car rental are 8 + 1. That this is about top quality is also the fact that the first version was presented in 1981. Since then, it has been sovereign not only in the French market, but worldwide. The latest models are a true synonym for modern elegance. The sternly cut off front with huge headlights and a massive bumper, as well as the cockpit cabin, which experts compare with the Boeing 747 style, break the monotony among large vehicles.

Namely, vehicle rental 8 + 1 guarantees that you will be noticed on the road! Not only is it fitted with a perfectly designed interior, but Renault Trafic provides exceptional comfort and safety. Sliding doors are wide open, so the entry of passengers is very simple. The seat layout is not cramped and has enough space to store the little things needed during the journey. Also, all passengers have elbow and headrests as well as safety belts.

Renting a vehicle 8 + 1 gives you more comfort in relation to your vehicle

Renault Trafic is the right choice for trips in mini-groups, with friends. Because 8 + 1 car rental gives you all the freedom to organize - starting from the place and departure date, through on-the-go breaks and sightseeing tours during holidays, to the time of return.

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First of all, the Renault Trafic is ideal for family holidays. Unlike ordinary city driving, your vehicle can not meet the most important requirement - enough space during a long trip. Do not forget that the family journey, especially with young children, includes plenty of luggage, as well as packing toys, booklets and other entertainment items for kids during your vacation. Well, it takes a car with a big gepek. Renault Trafic has a huge cargo space of 2.2 cubic feet. And if necessary, it is possible to overturn the seatback of the third row of seats, so that the factory space increases further without the seat being removed. How often we practice driving to a resort at night, we need to keep in mind that children also need sleeping comfort. This comfort is the seat of this vehicle.

Car rental 8 + 1 for business purposes

Renault Trafic is primarily intended for travel agencies and hotels. Its main advantage, in these areas, is being able to transport 8 passengers, unlike mini-vanes with a maximum of 7 people. In addition to a larger number of passengers, it also has a larger space for their luggage. However, in the last years, other companies and agencies have seen the benefits offered by car rental 8 + 1. It is not a rare case that Renault Trafic will be leased for the transport of workers in the event of an increase in the volume of work in the season. Then, long-term rent is a more cost-effective option than buying additional vehicles that will be used occasionally.