Borrowing a car can be very expensive

Rent a car vehicle is always the best option and why we will try to get closer to you in the following text. Can you lend me your car? The question with which every vehicle owner met at least once in a lifetime. Although it creates a dilemma with the owner, it also brings serious responsibility to the person who set it up. Rent a car Avaco draws your attention to the dangers of lending to your friend in relation to the benefits of car rental offered by car rentals in Belgrade.

How serbian people say "Never borrow a woman or a car" :)

It's a long time when your friend is looking for a car for you, so there's no obstacle to not meeting him. The only thing you do not care about is damage to the vehicle. And then the insurance was all covered. However, today the situation is drastically different. The owner of a vehicle, if lent to someone else, can even in some cases remain without a car or end up in jail. Do you know that if you borrow your car to another person and he drives it with more than two alcoholic beverages in his blood, your car will be taken away by law! This is just one of the rigorous rules of the new Traffic Law in Serbia! And in these situations, you only have to sue your friend and claim compensation. What is the worst-case scenario. Also, passing through red light, parking damage and various other situations can put you in an awkward situation. Because if a friend says I did not do it, you will have to pay the penalty and get punitive points.

Not all friends have bad intentions, and probably nothing would happen, but the devil never sleeps. Many things can go wrong. That's why Avaco rent a car advises you not to lend a car to anyone but to suggest to your friends for both you and them to rent a car.

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Why rent a car car?
Because it's good! And you will sleep peacefully. Also, your friend. And a quiet sleep, as we know there is no price.
Avaco rent a car agency in its offer has a vehicle of newer production for already 13 eur per day! Nobody should risk friendship for so little money. By renting car rentals, your friend is assured, gets a technically perfected car, and whatever happens happens not to get into discussions and uneasy situations with your friends. And you sleep peacefully. Because again, the times have changed. The vehicle owner is responsible in almost every situation.
Rental car rentals as the best option for everyone
Driving can lead to numerous damage to the car, such as small scratches from the pebbles on the road or accidental parking accidents. Although, in these situations, the person who borrowed the car is not personally guilty, nor caused the resulting damage will have to pay, because it is not subject to the insurance that the owner of the vehicle has. If you use car rental services, you also get the necessary insurance against damage when signing a contract. So in the event of a parking accident, when you were not present, you will not be held liable if a police record is made. Otherwise the full amount of damage will be charged to you. New traffic penalties that came into force at the beginning of April brought stricter controls and more payment. This also affects the owners who borrowed their car, because in the event of an accident, the amount is charged from their insurance policy, with the responsibility for paying the deductible amount as well as any additional costs not covered by the policy.

Therefore, the next time someone asks you to borrow a car, and for you as well as for him, it's better to recommend him a rental car agency.

What happens in case of theft of a borrowed or rented vehicle?
No matter how conscientious and considerate the driver lends to someone's car, theft may occur. The stress you spend is then immeasurable and additionally increases the sense of responsibility. It is a question of what to do, even if you are not guilty - to wait for the police to do their job and, perhaps, find thieves or offer a monetary compensation to the owner, which is certainly not a small one. With these dilemmas there is also a cooling down of relations between you that can lead you, without reason, to lose a good friend who was your support in life. This is precisely this one of the most important reasons why it is better to rent a car rental car, because in case of theft there is a so-called. TP Insurance (THEFT PROTECTION) by which you have no material consequences for this crime.

Car rental agencies also have strict rules regarding driving licenses. According to the Traffic Safety Act, a motor vehicle or a vehicle set may independently operate a driver who meets the prescribed requirements and has a driver's license to operate a vehicle of the category it manages. In accordance with this member rent a car agency allows rent only to persons over 21 years old who have a valid driving license for at least 2 years, which is determined by insight. Unfortunately, due to too many obligations, certain drivers overay their driver's license expired. The applicant belongs to this group, and you have decided to borrow a vehicle, there is a risk that he will receive a fine and negative points in the routine control of the traffic police as well as a penalty. This situation can not happen when renting a vehicle, because you will only be able to use the services of the agency only when you extend your a car beograd offer a vehicle vehicle rental can be a great help, but it also carries some risks for you.

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We hope you are now a little better prepared to evaluate the situation before lending the vehicle. If your friend does not have his own car or is waiting to be repaired in the service, do not expose yourself to the risk of lending, but offer a friend Avaco rent a car agency who can for 13 euro per day rent a small car for daily use or for more than 20 eur for traveling. View complete rent a car vehicles offer in Belgrade.
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