What do the warnings on the instrument panel mean?

Although each driver knows his instrument panel, what to do when it comes to car rentals? Various car models have various warnings that may not be so obvious at first glance. If it's a more serious problem, it's very possible that you endanger your own and others' security by not responding. Accordingly, we have written this brief instruction that includes some of the most common warnings, their explanation, and tips on what to do about it. We want you to be always safe no matter which car you are in.

Pressure in the tires

Pressure in the tires rent a car agency

If you have not seen this warning before, it's not so easy to guess what it actually means. It's a tire pressure warning. Most of the newer cars have this sensor that informs the driver that at least one of the tires is damaged or punctured. When it comes to rent a car vehicle, this problem can be expensive and uncomfortable if it is not detected in time. If this light comes on as soon as you get the car, immediately contact the agency and look for a new vehicle.

Problem with brakes

Problem with brakes rent a car belgrade

A relatively similar warning design is also used for the problem with brakes. If you see this light, know that this is a very serious problem that should not be ignored. Whether it's a problem in a brake disc, brake fluid or software, this warning means that you will have to stop and check all the tires. It's very possible that you will notice during the journey that the car gets into one side. Once before, prior to the implementation of the sensor, this was the main indicator.

Problem with Air bags

Problem with Air bags rent a car

This symbol of extremely strange looks is another very important warning. It's a problem with airbags, whether it's single cushions or the whole system. You must never play with your safety and security of your companions, so you need to take care of this problem right away. Of course, when it comes to car rentals, they are obliged to provide you with a complete and undamaged car. Be sure to request a new vehicle.

Low pressure in the oil pump

rent a car Low pressure in the oil pump

This warning refers to the oil pressure in the engine and usually involves a more serious problem. Some experts believe that when this light comes up, the engine is already damaged and, therefore, too late. However, this does not always have to be the case. It is very possible that this is only a lack of oil and that this can be done relatively easily. As always, rent a car agency is obliged to help you with this problem. Moreover, there is little chance that you will encounter this complication as all cars are constantly serviced.

Engine temperature

Engine temperature warnings rent a car

Motors generally generate a large amount of heat so they can often make problems and often these complications are serious. This warning indicates that the engine temperature is higher than that allowed and that you have to download something about it. Stop the car immediately if this light turns on and allow the engine to cool down a little. Do not try to fix the problem yourself because the overheated engine can be very dangerous. Rent a car agency will send either a new vehicle or someone who can handle the situation.

Seat belts warnings

Seat belts warnings rent a car

Like airbags, seat belts are an indispensable part of every modern car. Although the belt problem does not seem so serious, it's certainly not something to be played with. Most modern vehicles have sensors on the seats that can determine whether the passenger is secured or not. If this system does not work, serious injury with fatal outcomes can occur, so you must pay attention to your rent to the car agency.

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